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Loopy's Online is an informal collective of cannabis entrepreneurs that banded together in hopes of surviving legalization

Each entity under our umbrella is an independent startup fighting for its right to participate in the industry, and all dispensary proceeds go towards getting them off the ground


Our goal is to help foster the dream that we all share -- a free and open recreational market that doesn't vilify its most passionate and talented participants

Say, "NO!" to government monopolies, say "YES!" to small-businesses

Compliance with regulation entails having a small fortune to spend on packaging, testing, licensing, and a long-term lease -- for a lot of small businesses it is simply impossible to get off the ground. 


Not everyone has millions of dollars or access to enormous investment funds -- does this mean they have no right to participate? 


In banding together, we hope to create a portal that can jump start talented entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry and help them position themselves for success in a market dominated by massive corporations




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stay loopy.

Loopy's Online is an informal collective of cannabis entrepreneurs that had their lives upended by legalization; within a few weeks of October 27th, our shops were ordered to close and we were ejected from the industry we helped to create


We were the bud-tenders, the rollers, the bakers, the trimmers, the growers, and the brokers that helped make Vancouver's dispensary scene what it was

Now, we are a small crew punching well above our weight in an industry being taken over by corporate monopolies.  We are here to share our passion for cannabis, and to introduce you to some of the talented and brilliant people who operate in the grey market

These are our startups, these are our dreams; help us to make them a reality, and we vow to do everything in our power to give you with the best cannabis experience you've had since you started smoking