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There are a lot of different types of cannabis concentrates / extracts, but they are all essentially the same thing --  cannabis-resin (a mixture of cannabinoids, terpenes, and oils) that has been extracted from cannabis flower to varying degrees of purity. 


Each type of extract results from its own unique processing method, and each has its own unique consistency, but they can all be thought of as refined cannabis. 


They are typically broken down into two categories: those made with solvents -- a chemical like butane or alcohol that will strip THC and other cannabinoids off of the plant -- and those made without solvents, typically using temperature and pressure to accomplish the same goal (rosin, resin, live resin).  When solvents are used, they need to be purged from solution using additional steps that will effect the end product either using a purging oven (shatter) or by manually disrupting the solution to release the solvent (butters and wax)


Kief is the THC crystal that falls off of flower -- this is the stuff that collects in your grinder over time ; it is the simplest form of extract, but has the highest amount of plant matter, and thus the lowest THC purity

Hash is made using either bubble-bags (ice, water, and very fine filtration screens) to separate THC from the plant, aka 'bubble-hash', or is collected off the plant by hand.  There is a soft-spot in a lot of people hearts for hash, as it is by far the oldest and most established thc-extract, even though its 'purity' is nowhere near that of the more scientifically processed products like shatter or distillate


All three of these extracts are essentially different forms of BHO (butane-hash-oil); where they differ is in how the butane gets purged from the product -- budder tends to be whipped in order to manually remove excess solvent, while wax and oil will utilize temperature control

The potency of these extracts tend to fall somewhere between hash and shatter -- falling somewhere between 40% and 75% THC purity depending on quality


Shatter is also technically a BHO, like budder, wax, and oil; however, the butane is purged out of the extraction using a specialized purging oven, resulting in a hard, glass-like extraction that typically falls between 60% and 85% THC-purity

The more 'snappy' the shatter, the higher the quality, as residual butane left over from the purging process can lead to a more malleable consistency; a pliable shatter can also be the result of the extract having a higher percentage of lipids and terpenes relative to THC, meaning that it is not always in indication of a bad product

The colour of a shatter is often falsely used to judge its quality; however, different strains will yield varying darkness in the final product, meaning clearest is not always best!


Distillate gets its name for being a distilled THC extract.  It is typically between 80%-%90%, but really good stuff can test over 95% -- this is one of the purest forms of THC that you can ingest

Once distilled, the lipids and terpenes have been separated out, leaving behind only THC -- this removes any strain specific qualities from the high

Distillate is a pure THC buzz, making it very clear headed and high energy

It is often reintegrated with flavour terps, making as delicious as it is potent -- almost any flavour you can imagine!


These extracts are similar, but far from interchangeable; they all refer to a solvent-free concentrate that aims to preserve as much of the plants terpene and lipid profiles as possible

Using only temperature control and pressure, these extractions provide one of the most natural and potent highs possible

There is nothing like the full bodied aroma of these extracts; they are something to behold for anyone who wants to experience all a plant has to offer


THC Diamonds are the pinnacle of extraction

These beautiful rocks are pure THC

During the extraction process, the hardest diamonds float to the top of the concentrate mixture while the terpene sauce sinks towards the bottom

What is in the middle is known as Caviar -- THC Diamonds mixed with natural terpenes 

This is little miracle allows for 100% THC purity AND a full spectrum terpene profile -- there is literally nothing better


CBD Isolate is different from every other extract listed above.  It is produced by farming industrial-scale hemp, then isolating CBD from the plant

CBD has no psychoactive properties; it works to block pain receptors, ease inflamation, all while increasing blood flow to your brain and the rest of the body; it essentially relaxes your body into healing itself

CBD competes for the same neurotransmitters as THC, and acts to bully THC away; if you're ever too high, a little CBD will bring you back down to Earth