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$140 / Oz 

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$6 Grams!

$140 Oz for all $6 Grams

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Sometimes it's quality over quantity, sometimes you need your dollar to go a little further -- we've got you covered either way and everywhere in between!


At Loopy's Online we look to source the best possible product at each of our price-points, and when we find a crazy deal, we pass it on to you. 


We do it how it should be done: fire weed, fire deals











































Indica flower results in a laid-back, relaxed, and often sleepy high; when you think of a stoner passed out on the couch with one hand in a bag of cheetos, this is usually the culprit

It typically has a thicker smoke that brings on a heavy cough, and will tend to have a more verdant or earthy aroma; when people are looking for a gassy or kushy strain, this is what they want

The dominant effect is relaxation -- perfect for a lazy day


Sativa flower results in a high-energy and sometimes even frantic effect; when you think of someone cleaning their entire house in an afternoon when they had planned to watch a movie, or perhaps giggling uncontrollably -- sativa is the cause

It is typically a lighter smoke with a fruity or citrus flavour

The dominant effect is energy -- perfect for daytime smoking and when things need getting done!


Hybrids get their name for being a little bit of both, but keep an eye out for the extra-special breeds that go full speed in both directions!

This is the best place to look when you want something that wont overwhelm you, something that tends more towards flavour, or something to balance out your day

The dominant effect is flavour and smoothness of smoke -- perfect for sunsets, when you want to be relaxed and philosophical, or as a sweet dessert after a big meal