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  • Distillate Cannagar (Distillate + Flower Coat)


    This cigar is 9g of flower and 1.5ml of Distillate hand-rolled in 2x Smoking Thinnest Kings, painted in Distillate and coated in Flower + Kief 

    • Smoking Instructions

      1) Gently remove wooden-guage from the center of the joint

      2) Tilt the cigar vertically so that the tip is pointed up at a sharp angle

      3) Use flame to slowly burn the top of the cigar until an even cherry has formed

      4) Draw gently on the cigar and enjoy

      *** Do not draw on the cigar while flame is in contact with the cherry

      *** Do not apply flame to the cherry if the top of the cigar is pointed towards the ground

      *** Exposing the inner-channel to direct heat // flame can burn the interior of the cigar and compromise the flavour

      *** Lighting this item incorrectly can ruin your smoking experience; if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!